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Facts about the natural healthcare products
Herbal health remedies are based on various plants and plant extracts which are proved and tested thorough the years. Many of the chemical drugs originate from these natural products. In fact, a number of the modern medications share the chemical formulae of certain herbs. Currently at least 30% of the modern medications manufactured worldwide contain plant extract as an active ingredient.
The extraction and modification of the active ingredients from plants began in early 19th century (as the methods of modern chemical analysis became available), and since then the use of the herbal medications started to decline in favor of synthetic pharmaceuticals.
However, according to World Health Organization, recently more than 80% of the people worldwide rely on herbal remedies as part of their primary healthcare. In the United States, the increased use of natural health products, caused by the dissatisfaction with the cost of prescription medications, combined with an interest in returning to natural remedies, has led to 80% growth in the market of natural healthcare products. In Germany, approximately 70% of the physicians recommend herbal treatments to their patients and more than 600 plant-based medicines are available. Other surveys state that over 70% of the Canadians regularly take natural health products.

The advantages of natural healthcare products
Natural remedies have been helping people for thousands of years. Highly disparaged through the last century, lately they became popular again as people realized the numerous advantages of the natural versus synthetic medications.

Herbal supplements are effective, safe and have no side effects.  Although very effective too, the synthetic drugs often have numerous  unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects.

Herbal supplements provide treatment for almost all ailments,  including sexual disorders.

Herbal supplements are not addictive.

Herbal supplements not just treat the health disorders, they also act  as balancers that regulate body system, thus promoting overall  wellness.

Being completely natural, herbal products are considered as food  supplements, not medications and they don't need any prescription.

Herbal supplements are considerably cheaper than the synthetic pharmaceuticals.

VitoPharma's natural healthcare products retain all of the above characteristics. Moreover, the effectiveness, reliability and potency of our herbal products are increased by the use of cGMP manufacturing  techniques.
Being completely confident in the quality, safety and efficiency of our products, we offer 90 days Money Back Guarantee and 24/7 Customer Care  Service.

Natural healthcare products of VitoPharma
As a leading manufacturer of natural healthcare products, VitoPharma offers a wide assortment of herbal supplements, formulated to treat some of the most prevalent health disorders. Our products contain only natural ingredients, made from finest herbs. All stages of the  production process are strictly supervised by herbalists and medical  experts to guarantee high quality and safety. The entire range of  herbal supplements produced by VitoPharma is kept as pure and natural as possible. This fact has been highly valued by our customers worldwide, most of them buying continuously from us for the last  several years.

Let the herbal medicine change your life for good. Live a healthy life - naturally.
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